Monday, July 28, 2008

We had a nice weekend. Nothing real exciting. On Saturday, we went and had Leah's 2 year pics done. She was perfect! Seriously, all of the photographers kept coming in because they couldn't believe they had a 2 year old that was so cooperative. We were a bit in shock too. She posed exactly the way they put her and then gave them the cheesiest cheesier smiles you've ever seen. Then we all went on a hunt for a sweater for me. I bought this really cute maternity dress, but it is sleeveless. We don't do sleeveless,but I thought it woudl be easy to find one of those cute little half sweater thingys to go with it. Not so much. We found one that might work ok at Penney's but it was $50. We may still end up going back for it, haven't decided yet. It is kind of cool up here, so sweaters stay out on the racks year around. They are pulling summer stuff and bringing winter now too.

We are scouring Craig's List for little things we need to pick up, like an area rug for our living room. Right now it is wood laminate kind of stuff and our furniture slides around every time you sit down. Joshua lvoes pushing the furniture around, but it is starting to annoy me. We are alos looking for a snow blower, lol! Everyone says they are cheaper right now, and hey, we love cheaper! I'm also, of course, watching the childrens clothes liek a hawk to start snatching up winter clothes. We've yet to score anything on Craigs list here, hope our luck changes soon.

We visited church #5 yesterday. #5 is the best we've been to so far. Robert needs to talk to the pastor for sure. He is young and enthusiatic and seems very intent on serving the Lord. We do have some questions though. We don't konw if they are reformed or not. They are having a bible prophecies seminar next weekend, and we don't know what they mean by that. They had a long discussion about getting a new temporary building so they could start a youth program on Wednesday nights yuck. But we enjoyed the service. They sing hymns but it wasn't the funeral durge ones we've suffered thru the last few weeks. We'll see. This is the first one we are considering even following up on at all. OH, and it was 80% blue hairs, but that doesn't really bother us so much. It seems like we may be catching them in a transition, just looking at the pastor compared to the congregation.

I'm thinking of all of ya'll in TExas. I saw the high in Dallas today is supposed to be 107, so glad I'm not there! The weather here is still great. We've maxed out one day at 86 but usually it is low 80's or mid 70's. Mild humidity at best. Nice!

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John C. said...

I would like to know more about church No. 5. Do you have a name or ?