Monday, February 23, 2009

We had a quiet weekend. Didn't get to visit a church because Robert was sick. It was his turn after all. I think I got him pushed thru it. He went to work today, no surprise there. He always goes to work.
Yesterday, I got to go pick up milk, go to Target and get groceries all by myself. It was in a blowing snow storm, but I didn't mind. Roads were fine and I enjoyed myself. I had a Starbucks at Target and wandered around, took my time. I even found a clearance section tucked back in the men's underwear section. Score, since Robert needs some more under shirts and some driving gloves. It is on my radar now.

When I was grocery shopping, I found lower rib roast that was $73. I didn't buy it. But it made me appreciate our organic farmers that don't price gouge. We have almost a quarter of a side coming in April. Organic and loved by its farmer. $2.96/pound for all cuts. Awesome! I will be getting some lower rib steaks and roasts! Can't wait. We are trying to get completely stocked up with all necessities because the next year could be really interesting for our country. I think the media is calling us the "Bubba Effect", nice. You know, us weirdos that are getting ready to take care of ourselves in case our government screws things up even worse than they already are....yup, bunch of quacks us. We really should just go stand at the white house with our hands out like everyone else I guess. But no, we plan on having gardens and putting up our own food and providing for ourselves and our family on our own. We are a bunch of messed up crazies!

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