Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today I tried out the Biggest Loser Workout DVD. I really really like it, and HIGHLY recommend it for everyone. I was concerned that since I'm not that over weight, that it might not really be a workout for me, but that wasn't the case. I did skip the first two weeks, of course then I was worried that it would be too hard for my out of shape body, lol. It wasn't. It is very basic movement exercise. It isn't a cool, hip, juke and jive exercise junky kind of thing. I enjoyed the straight forwardness of it. At one point, the instructor asked one of the girls, "how ya feeling"...which they always do, and instead of the annoyingly fake cheerleader/pep squad jump and answer GREAT...she said "I feel like my legs are gonna fall off!" I loved it, since my legs too were about to fall off. This is the first video I've done since launching on this Netflix gig that I didn't wonder how much longer the workout was. It was simple, straight forward and not terribly long. Seriously, I very very much recommend it for everyone! Oh, and another bonus...the girls have clothes on! One girl did the cool down in a sports bra but it was more than on all the other videos I"ve seen so far.

In another health related note....I totally feel like I should have known this before, but whole wheat pasta has TONS fiber. Really, it has more than a good fiber bar. I was glad to find another fiber rich option to add in our diet.


Kelly said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this for us, girl. I've been eyeballing those DVDs at Wal-Mart. Maybe I'll get one when I go there next.

Christi L. said...

Girl, Netflix. I'm telling you!

But this is one I might even consider buying. It is a simple basic bare bones do it kind of thing.

Shona Cole said...

I am doing a Biggest loser DVD too! I wonder if it is the same one. Jillian is the instructor. I love it. Best of luck keeping it going, I know some days I just can't face it :)