Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking up here. We are above freezing today and last night and the newest snows have melted...although they are to return again this weekend, but for today the kids and I enjoyed a jaunt to the zoo. It was still too chilly to do outside zoo stuff but we wandered around the Rainforest again. We got to hang out with Reggie, a new friend, and her children and it was nice to be out. Hannah was so awesome. She loves the Ergo because it keeps her really close to her Mama, just the way she likes it.

Leah is getting big girl! Her potty training is going. She is really good, as long as she's naked. Joshua was the same way. Although, sometimes L waits too long to head to the potty when she needs to poop and konw. Still a process. She totally doesn't get it when I put a pull up on her though. I think pull ups are just too much like diapers. The only reason I use them is becasue they are easier for me to pull up and down....which I guess is the point. I'm kind of considering buying her some big girl panties and just going straight to them. I think she might get it better when she wets them. We'll see.

I'm tired. We've had late nights all week. I don't remember why on Sunday and Monday right now, but I"m sure it was probably tv related. Tuesday was the presidential liefest....I mean, address. Last night, we sat up reviewing resumes for the positions Robert is trying to hire for. There were acutally some possible candidates in the latest batch, so that is good news. Our family NEEDS those positions filled because Daddy is wearing too many hats and is starting to drop balls. Thankfully, only at home so far...where God has given him a helpmeet to pick them up for him.

Joshua is a bit challenging right now. I think he is too bored to obey, honestly. He needs stimulus and I don't mean from the government. Thankfully, the weather is slowly changing. Although we are still getting snows, we are also getting breaks here and there. HOpefully soon we will be able to start getting out more. I'm hoping to start hitting library story hours and maybe find a MOPS group or something for some social interaction.

Church #14 this week. Sounds promising. I'll keep you updated.

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