Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm tired and "have a throat" to use a Leleism. The weather is so warm and we aren't even out in it. So sad.

Yesterday we went and got memberships at the zoo. We spent the morning in the rainforest exhibit. It was soooo nice to be out. Joshua made a friend and that was a super huge exciting thing. He's still so lonely. Hannah rocked in the Ergo. Just happy as a clam, especially since I let her suck her thumb. I've been trying to keep her from doing that too much, hoping she'll out grow it before it becomes habit. At dinner last night, the kids went on and on about the zoo to Daddy. It was very exciting.

Today is almost 60 degrees. We only have one little 6 inch patch of snow left to melt. Gotta get out and pick up all of the toys in the back yard because it is supposed to start snowing again tomorrow. I finally learned what Lake Effect snow is. Before, I just knew that meant we were gonna get a bunch of it. It is when a part of the lake melts and opens up a bunch of moisture to reach the air. So, any breeze blowing over it becomes lots of snow until it freezes back over. Meaning, since we've had such a long stretch above freezing, 4 days now, we can expect a whole bunch of snow if the winds blow this way when it drops below freezing again tomorrow.

Robert and I saw a news story over the weekend of 130 or so IDIOTS that were out on the ice trying to fish over the weekend....even though it was above freezing. Well, of course some broke off and they had to call in the national guard to rescue them. One man died when he fell into the water. They said this happens over and over when these same men won't follow the signs warning to stay off of the ice when it warms up. UMMMMM, CRAZY!


Shannon of "Room for More" said...

I bet the zoo was fun! People can be so dumb. Fishing on melting ice? I hope you feel like yourself soon!

Ma Torg said...

Zoo memberships are THE best. We had one for Oakland when we were in Berkeley. The kids always were so happy when we went, the outings didn't need to be long and the boundaries are VERY clear...don't need to worry about the kids crawling into the crocodile pond, LOL! Very glad you've got one. Very sorry your throat is sore!