Friday, February 20, 2009

I have a headache. I'm sick of having headaches. I've had them my entire life and I am soooo sick of them. I think these are the same ones I had after I had Leah. We figured out that they are blood sugar related and that I am probably pre surprise there with my family history. I found a supplement that worked well then, but I ran out and am waiting for it to come in. This makes me mad. I just want my body to work right.

Robert is really stressed out. He's pushing 80++ hours of work a week into about 60 and of ocurse still not getting everything done. He's trying to hire the person to take over the interim position he is doing but there aren't any good applicants. All you hear about in the liberal media is hwo awful the economy is, unemployment every where. Well, Robert and several of our other friends that are trying to hire for good, management level positions say otherwise. He can hardly ever find an American applicant, much less one that is remotely qualified for the job. It is rediculous!!! Seriously! And it isn't just management. He needs some engineers too and those applications are worse. Almost all of them are from India. Where are all of these Americans out of work?

Well, I think they are happily sitting at home waiting for the hero Obama to feed them money for sitting on their butts. It makes me want to puke. They say we are headed into a depression and I say GOOD! Maybe it will wake up the lazy, me me me, give me everything for nothing losers that are the majority in our country now. Maybe it will make people start taking care of themselves and possibly they will actually teach their children to take care of themselves as well. Do I look forward to be short on somethings we like to have...not really, but if it will get some attention to the rediculous issues we have in our country then bring it on! We are preparing. We are out of debt and are tightening tightening our belts up to save save save cash right now. We are stocking our freezers and pantries and when the big crash comes, we are ready. I'm not scared.

Most importantly I'm not scared or worried because this is all in God sovereign plan for our country and our lives. Obama is here now and doing what he is doing because God has allowed him to be so. I'm thankful to serve a loving God that cares for His people and I believe He loves and cares for us enough to allow us this pain. Maybe He's saving us from something worse. Or maybe it will be worse than we can imagine, and that is justified too. Our country is in a nasty, awful place and it isn't just because of politics. The church is defiled and families are defiled. What we hold up as good is filthy. I pray for mercy from God, but I also pray for relief.

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