Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow on the ground this morning. Should continue light snow this morning and then change over to rain, I think. Our pastor's wife, who also grew up in the South, told me yesterday that they more often than not get snow on Easter. Blech! Snow on Easter. Aren't you supposed to have beautiful backyard picnics with your church family on Easter. Oh well, I'm still going to try and organize a pot luck or something with our new church.

I'm doing better. Need to update on the kiddos, they are doing awesome. So big. We are going to a playdate this morning, unless I chicken out because of the snow. I think the roads should be super clear....right?

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Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I guess I shouldn't complain that it's cool here today, huh? It's 50 here right now, heading to 66 or so says Yahoo. This morning was cold though. 36. Brrr!!

I'll be checking regularly for that kiddo update. ;)