Sunday, March 22, 2009

Everyone is sleeping or they are supposed to be. I'm pretty sure that Hannah is playing in her crib instaed. Hey, if she'll play herself to sleep, I'm good with that. Robert and the big kids got up and went to church this morning. I had a bad hormonal migraine hit yesterday afternoon and I"m still recovering from that. I knew that I wouldn't be able to tolerate music today and maybe not even sun light, so Hannah and I hung at the house. Robert offered to take her too, which is kind of comical since she's never had a bottle. We haven't even tried with her.

Our other two wouldn't take bottles, no way no how. Ok, Leah did one time. I had a salad with a bunch of bleu cheese on was me, not Leah. She went on a nursing strike about about 30 hours and I was panicing that she was weaning early. Our sweet Mrs Woody came over and some how got Leah to take a bottle until she started nursing again. But, she never would take it again. Joshua took a bottle in the NICU but wouldn't for us ever again. So, since we haven't had anyone around that we would trust our baby with anyway, we haven't even tried with Hannah. Who knows, maybe she'd suck it down..... I could use the break.

I really have to figure out some way to get me cleaned up and going again. I'm pretty sure I'm having yeast issues, if not a full blown systemic infection. I have craved sugar soooo bad since having Hannah. This is more worrisome because I've NEVER been a sweet eater. Put a plate of brownies and nachos in front of me and I'll take the salt any day....or used to. Now, it is like I have to have sugar. I know that is making things worse. I need to do a yeast cleanse but Hannah is still too little for me to do any kind of cleansing. So, somehow, I have to come up with the will power to stop the sugar..... I really have to.

Starting about Thursday of this week, I have been so hormonal. Super crabby and down and blah....remember my blah post. Friday was not as blah but more martyrdom of how I never get anything for me, blah blah blah. Saturday when I woke up, I could tell that something was brewing in me. I didn't feel right and I figured something was going on. After Hannah's morning nap, we headed into downtown to hit our food coop store for this quarter and while we were there, I had a full blown migraine hit. When we got home, I popped some homeopathics and took a boiling hot shower and went to bed....being woken up every two hours or so to nurse Hannah, of course. And of course, last night is the only night this week that she didn't sleep thru the night either. Blah.

I'm doing better today. Have that lingering migrainey hang over feeling. You know, the one where you aren't sure if it could come back at any moment. Anyway, I need to start being serious about my health again.

Oh, and to add insult to injury. On Friday, I was trying to find a belt to hold up my pants. I grabbed some out of my belt drawer. I never wear belts, and so I haven't tried these on since I got married, really. Well, of the three I pulled out, not a one of them would go all the way around me. Like, their ends didn't even meet. I was annoyed and disgusted. I didn't expect them to fit great, but I thought they'd at least go around me.


Mom4Boys said...

Ouch on the belt. That's why I don't own any. : )

I totally hear you on the migraine thing. That dull weird thing after the migraine subsides is awful. I had a migraine yesterday. Not fun. I hope you get some rest and the migraines stay away!

SherreeMurray said...

I promise, if you come home, all this will go away! I miss you!

Frontier Farms said...

Hey Girl - Just wanted to tell ya. I was also having Candida issues but being pregnant I know I can not do any "cleanse" - I did however get the go ahead from the midwife to do the "Candida Diet" and let me tell ya - the first 3 days I thought I would die for a bite of sugar, honey, fruit, anything sweet - but I have been on it for almost a month now and am feeling so much better! I figured it was the least I could do and I am so glad I did!

Hope to see you guys soon!