Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm here. Better than before, but realing a bit. This last round really did a doosy on my body and my spirit. I keep reminding myself that God has placed me exactly where I am, with these children and my awesome husband. He isn't surprised that my body isn't holding up so hot right now. I don't expect Him to miraculously cure what ails me, although I would be so grateful if He does. He may just have something special to teach me in my path of sanctification here....and for that, I want to long for it. I know looking back I will be grateful for it. I pray to be grateful now.

I know that last weeks episode was triggered by some bad food choices. I had that blizzard, not a normal occurance for me. Then, at small group on Wednesday night, I had a brownie and some mint choco chip ice cream. I'm pretty sure that the artificial colors and preservatives in the two things sent my body reeling. On Thursday, I knew something wasn't right and by Saturday I was in full eruption mode. Aren't our bodies amazing.

I do keep our diets pretty clean, and I'm glad I do. I just need to be much more observant of what I put into my body, especially at times I know that I am weakest, like when I have a baby.

I saw a new chiropractor this morning and got worked over!!! So, I should be on the mend. Pounding the water today because I know I will start really dumping toxins after the massage and adjustments she did on me. Of course, I'm thirsty all the time right now anyway.

In exciting news, we have a babysitter tonight. Two of the Lohnes children (our pastors fam) are coming over to watch J adn L. I am speaking at the ICAN meeting tonight about achieving VBAC!!! I'm really excited. Robert and Hannah are going to come along to watch.

Thanks for all of you support ladies. Your posts and emails mean alot to me. More importantly, your prayers do!

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Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Girl, I have checked this blog so many times looking for an update from you. I almost called, but I thought that if you weren't still feeling well I wouldn't want to bother you. Hope you are completely better soon. ((HUGS))

How cool about the ICAN meeting! I can't wait to read more about it!