Thursday, March 19, 2009

My super awesome friend Kelly has a wonderful and uplifting post on her blog today, and if that is what you are wanting to read today, then check hers out here because that ain't gonna be what you get here today.

Ok, now that half of my reading audience, meaning everyone but my Mom, has moved on....I'm blah today. Just plain old, blucky blah. I can't even blame it on sleep deprivation because Hannah has finally found that she can suck her thumb when she wakes up at night and has therefore slept all night the last two nights...ok, until 5:30 when she is starving, but I"m calling it all is Robert's all night after all.
Our pastor and family were supposed to come over for dinner tonight and that has been our ra-ra motivation around here the last two weeks and has actually gotten alot accomplished, but Pastor Will had to be gone for a few days, so that is rescheduled for next week. And so I have no reason to unblah today.
In order not to feel like too much of loser, I have still fed my children and myself(that being the big stretch here since I'm sick of eating) two meals today. I have given baby all needed naps and have even done reading with Joshua and read to the older two. Check....good Mommy duties.
Since I got those off my list, I went blog surfing...and since I'm a foodie or at least want to pretend to be, I surfed food blogs....

and in case you are wondering this is not the smartest place to surf when you are already blah....and THIS is even worse because I already know that I love her recipes and I want her ranch (the real one, not the dressing, although her recipe for that is good too). So in my best judgement of all time, I think I am going to load the kids up for a Dairy Queen for a blizzard. TAKE THAT BLAHS! ICE CREAM AND CHOCOLATE!!! OH YEAH!


Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Hey, Friend!

I'm so sorry you have the blahs today. Those days have a way of sneaking up on all of us from time to time. I, for one, think that Blizzards* are the perfect blah cure. I say go for it!

*Meaning the DQ treat, not the real deal. ;)

Hope tomorrow is better! Love to you, girl!

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I just popped in to check on you. Did you get that ice cream yesterday?

I hope today is a better day!!

Christi L. said...

Thanks Kel. Actually I went and got it as soon as I posted yesterday and the world was a lovely place again.

Thankfully, His mercies are new every day and so today is good!

Shannon R said...

glad to hear today was better : ) I wish I could have brought you a CHick-fil-a Milkshake. I know how you love them. I miss you!