Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I was right about Leah. We bought her some big girl panties this weekend and she's had no accidents until this morning, but that was my fault really. We ran an errand and I forgot to make her go before we left. As soon as we got home she was half way to the potty, with her pants pulled down and didn't make it. Poor girl. But, today is laundry day anyway, so no big deal. She's a potty training super star!!!!!!

A few other things I forgot to mention about church #14. They did family worship time and then the kids left for Jr church (not our kids of course, the others) and THEN they pull out donuts for the adults. Cracked me up!!! After service, they did announcements and I just wanted to jump up and down to volunteer. They have one family that is moving this week, she lost her father last week with the funeral yesterday and she is early prenant and having problems. They were talking about who was going to clean their house for them and then who was going to grocery shop to make sure their pantry and fridge were full when they moved in. I LOVED IT! We are going to the pastor's small group tomorrow night!!! I'm a little nervous because I hate meeting new people and the fake get to know you junk, especially in a group, but excited too!


Kelly said...

I have a question for you. I haven't seen where you talked about this before, so I was curious. Why don't your kids go to children's services? I am just asking out of curiosity, you know me.

Macey has been attending contemporary worship with us recently. She enjoys it, but has been asking to go to Sunday School too. So, we are planning to go to the earlier service so she can attend Sunday School. Mariana always goes to Sunday School. She loves it.

I was just curious about how y'all do things. :)

Christi L. said...

I like getting asked questions like this because it makes me think thru the reasons we do things again.

First, we do that because the bible says that Robert will be held to account for what our children are taught before the Lord. That is a tall order! It is also one of the many reasons we will homeschool. It is hard for him to account for what they were taught when we are no where around when they are being taught.

Second, we want to be able to discuss and teach and further develop any scriptural ideas they are being introduced to. Again, we can't do that if we aren't with them and so don't know what they are being taught.

Third, we want to be able to correct any inaccurate teachings they are confronted with.

Fourth, we feel that most kids programs at church are just glorified babysitting services with a few kids bible songs thrown in. Not exactly what we are looking for.

Fifth, we do it now at this early age to train them to sit and listen to the sermon. They aren't absorbing tons right now, although Joshua surprises us what he can get, but he is learning what appropriate behavior is at church.

Hmmm, that is all I have off the top of my head. We may make different decisions at different stages of our lives. If we happen to be in a really small church where we can be certain of what is being done and said and taught...maybe. As they get older it would probably be even less likely....for example, youth groups. Not for us. I don't know many people, my self included that weren't introduced to something bad in youth group from the other youth. We prefer family interactions where everyone is being held accountable.....

More than you were asking for, huh. :-)

Kelly said...

No, not more than I asked for at all. I wanted to know. :) You know I'm always interested in "talking" and "listening" - even online.

As I said, Macey has been going to church with us lately instead of to the big (over the top, for her) children's service our church has at 11am. Well, Mickey was worried she wasn't getting anything. When she heard him say that, she piped up and said "Yes, I am, Daddy. I'm learning the songs." Hey, better than nothing, right?! There could be worse things for her to sing than praise songs. :)

Now, this question could get really long, I realize, but I have also been meaning to ask what it means to be reformed. I have no idea. (Hope I don't sound ignorant)

BTW, I get more referrals from your blog than any other according to my stats. THANKS!! :D

Ma Torg said...

I'm really happy you have finally found a place to call home! Sometimes I wonder how much CA might have been different for you if you ever found a church.

Christi L. said...

Ok, Kel, this actually will be short because I"m punting. Wikipedia already has alot of this typed out for me, lol. ;-)

Basically, reformed theology is a "calvinistic" view of theology. I use quotes because it is named after John Calvin, even though he didn't actually come up with the idea. Simply, we belive that God predestined His elect before time and that man is totally depraved and left to himself has nothing good in him that would move him to choose God.

Check out what wiki has to say and then we can chat if you have any questions. Hope that doesn't sound like I am copping out on you.