Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It is sunny and 64 right now. Life is lovely. Tonight we have a chance of snow after a front comes thru this afternoon....and life is still lovely. My baby is napping, kids are getting to play outside....I have a moment of peace on my computer. I live a wonderful life!

Tonight we have small group. I'm making Tammy's tortilla soup. Yum! I hope it comes out nice, it always has, but it would be my luck that it woudln't when I'm making it for other people.

I'm rereading Reforming Marriage. GCC is doing it as a study in their men and women's meetings and so I am reading along. I forgot how much I really like that book and highly recommend it to all of my married christian friends.

I need to get back to working out, but I'm scared. I don't want more headaches. I really need to find a good chiropractor again and get thru this phase of post partum so I can get fit and looking good before the next Seago wedding in July.

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Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Ahem. I am still looking for that tortilla soup recipe to show up in my email inbox. Just sayin'. ;)