Monday, March 16, 2009

We had a lovely weekend. Saturday was nice, for here. Temps were in the 40's and it wasn't too windy. We got lots of honey do's done around the house and then went to pick up our milk and eggs and hit Chik Fil A for dinner. Unfortunately, Saturday at CFA right now is buy one get one free milk shakes, TROUBLE! Thankfully we don't live very close to a CFA, so we rarely rarely eat there. We even got a quick grocery trip in before we headed home, which was nice because it meant I didn't have to do the shopping while everyone else napped on Sunday. Yea!!!

Sunday we got up and headed to church. We really really like our new church. We don't know alot of the families yet, but we are getting to know the pastor's family better and we really love them. They have 5 children. Twin boys that are 18 or 19 and then three teen daughters. Joshua has a little crush on one of their girls and all I hear about all week is Martha this and Martha that. It is very cute! And Martha's favorite color is red, in case you were wondering. Pastor Will is preaching thru Romans and it is so great to be back under solid teaching. He is using a white board during his sermons and it is nice to have visual support for the message. And, this morning, Joshua even asked me about some of the diagrams from the service yesterday. This is why our children worship with us. I knew what he was talking about when he asked and we had a lovely discussion about the trees of knowledge and death.

At the end of the service, Pastor Will said his family had won free Chipotle and so that was where they were heading for lunch, and so we went as well. It was fun getting to eat with new friends. We are really liking what we've seen of the Medina area and will be buying around there once our house sales in Texas. If you remember, please say a prayer for our house to sell. We'd really like to be able to buy a house to move into when our lease is up here in June.

The rest of the day was a lazy one for me. I got a nap with everyone else, a very rare occurence for me. Then got to chat with one of the Guthrie girls on Facebook for a bit. I made a yummy spinach quiche for dinner and then to bed.

Today we have to get this house whipped into shape. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 65 degrees and sunny. We will NOT be in this house tomorrow! YIPPEE!!! Our first real glimpse of spring....I'm pretending that we don't have snow forecasted for la la la lal ala lalal .... I love the Nile, la la la la la. Wed night is small group, I'm making chicken tortilla soup for the group. THursday our pastor's family is coming over for dinner. It is almost feeling like a GCC week. YEA!!!!


Large Order of Fryes said...

are you trying to tell me that Alyssa isnt his fav gal anymore???

Christi L. said...

Oh, I don't know about that. I think if you put them both in the room together, Alyssa would still win out, but she's a bit missing right now, ya know.

Christi L. said...

Oh, and he hasn't mentioned marrying Martha. He has Alyssa, so maybe it is a different kind of love, lol.

Kelly said...

Tortilla soup recipe? Please!! :)