Sunday, March 1, 2009

What an amazing weekend!!!!!
First, Joshua started officially reading. And then Robert took us to Olive Garden for dinner where we met the nicest couple. Very conservative. It was like visiting with a family from GCC. A nice break from our normal surroundings. I thought that was a nice little gift from God and was thankful for some fellowship...even short in the waiting area of a restaurant. THEN....

Today, we visited church #14! And, WE'VE FOUND A CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!! Just like with Grace in Texas, we knew the first time we visited that it was our new church home. We are so excited. When we got in the car, I asked Robert my usual blah "so, what'd you think" We both busted out laughing and he said "that was encouraging". They are a nondenominational church that has been there for about three years. The pastor reminds us of a mix of PT and Mark Brenan. It is a small small church. Meets in an old fashioned theater kind of place on the square in downtown Medina. We are pretty excited because we've been eyeing some homes with land in Medina....hmmm, conincidence...I THINK NOT (said in my best Dana Carvey SNL voice)! There are homeschoolers in the church, but not all of them. The pastor and his wife talked to us quite a bit. When we started talking about doctrine, the pastor just lit up when he heard we are are they!!!! Isn't that awesome! They aren't family integrated but what a blessing to find a reformed church here!!! And finally, and the funniest thing of the day for Robert and I was when the pastor started the sermon and said.....Turn in your bibles and stand as we read in ROMANS 2!!! ROFL!!!! We talked with him afterwards about the fact that GCC just finished going thru Romans. We love this place already!!! God is so good!!!!!!!!!!


Shona Cole said...

awesome news! I will look forward to following this new phase of your story.

Kelly said...

Oh wow!! I'm so happy for y'all!!

Hey, there are some early reader books that Macey loved and I think Joshua would like them too.

Macey has read:
Mad Maddie Maxwell
Zachary's Zoo

I thought she had read more. Anyway. They are really cute books. :)

Christi L. said...

THanks Kel! I was just asking Shona what they read after Bob, lol! I"ll check those out.

Kelly said...

We have really enjoyed the ones we have read. Good principles in them. They are such good books for young readers.