Thursday, June 18, 2009

11 DAYS!!!!

We are off to the zoo today. Should be nice. They have free zoo day on Monday's during the summer. This Monday they had 20,000 people there. I have no idea how that is even possible. It isn't a large zoo even. Just a note for me to remember NOT to go on MOnday's during teh summer! Today should be nice. It is a bit cloudy and hi of 71, so hopefully there won't be too many people.

I'm wondering when my life will no longer revolve around lack of sleep. I know it should happen someday. I have friends with older kids that seem to not live around their kids sleep has just been so long since that was my reality that I forget that someday, I too will not constantly wonder about my next sleep.

We are rocking with the healthy eating! We get 30 pounds of freshly picked produce delivered every week with 2 dozen fresh free range eggs. It is very exciting. And so yummy. Last night I had my first experiment with rhubarb. I made a rhubard/strawberry bread pudding!!! WOWZERS!!! Robert says we can't afford to eat rhubarb every week....we'd both weigh 500 pounds in no time. It was DELICIOUS! Of course, topping it with fresh whipped raw cream didn't hurt it none either, lol! Can't wait for today's delivery to see what Iron Chef magic I get to do this week.

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Millicent said...

OK, I know you posted this SEVERAL days ago, but I'm just now catching up. Martha Stewart has a "Rhubarb Ice Tea" recipe on her site. It looked yummy - but we don't have the rhubarb. It's really just a rhubarb drink, but it did look good. See you soon!