Monday, June 1, 2009

Hannah is starting to scooch/army crawl kind of. Much better than rolling everywhere because she won't be banging her head on everything any more! Finally mobility! AHHHHHH, she's mobile!

Joshua just checked to make sure he gets to see Laura when we fly to Texas.... Shona, when are ya'll in Ireland this year?

I had a date with Richard Simmons this morning. 80's Blast Off BABY!!!! YEA! It was fun. And, as I suspected, I laughed alot, but it was also a pretty ok workout. Of course, with the 80's music and absolutely fabulous dance moves...well, I was right back in high school drill team ya'll! Because, I am Richard's best friend...did you know that? And I am just FABULOUS and soooo worth it! ROFL!!!!!!!! How did everyone not know that he is gay??? REALLY? I mean, look at the guys in his video, HELLO! Still, I enjoyed every rediculous minute of it and had a little workout/dance party too.

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