Friday, June 19, 2009

10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Friday Kiddo Update

Not alot to update this week...
Joshua- Has had a cold most of the week. The last two days are just this really really really annoying little cough that sounds like he's just trying to scratch his throat. It is driving me crazy because it is constant. I can't figure out which remedy he needs for it. I"ll be so glad when he is old enough to give me a good rememdy picture to work with.

Leah- Has had two potty accidents this week. DOn't know what that is about. She had her cold and was over it in about 36 hours total. Now she just has a fever blister on her upper lip. Yup, she's a mini Me in case anyone has forgotten.

Hannah- Had a touch of the kids cold but it was very short lived. Now I THINK she is teething. DROOL every where and snotty nose, know the drill. HOpe a tooth pops thru soon, before we fly. She has also discovered that there is a land of vertical as well as horizontal. She tries to climb UP onto anything her little arms can reach. Time to up our next level of baby proofing, I'd been putting it off hoping that we wouldn't need that in this house.

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