Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy! Everyone that has known me since I was this tall to a grasshopper, knows that I've always been a Daddy's girl!

AND Happy Father's Day to my awesome husband, BESTEST Daddy in my house! He also has some Daddy's girls. One wakes up every morning and says "I want to snuggle with Daddy all day long!!" She's so cute....sometimes (have I mentioned that she is just like me???)

This morning the kids ran in our room and were so proud to pull Daddy's gifts out from under him in the bed. They quickly started rattling off what they were, since it was now no longer a secret. We had to explain to them that it is still a surprise until someone OPENS the gifts. BUT, in their defense, I've never wrapped a fishing pole before and, well, it was pretty obvious what he was getting, especially with the little "box" sized gift right next to it. He also got to open his "surprise" wink, wink...nugde, nugde... socket set that he "asked" for. Then I ran and got him a fruffy mocha coffee and some donuts! All cake with lots of chocolate and sprinkles. I even remembered to get our traditional father's day picture with he and the children dressed alike. We had a nice service at church and then went and had greasy burgers and fries at 5 Guys for Daddy's day lunch! Came home, had some naps and then headed to Olive Garden for dinner. Since we weren't completely popping the buttons of our pants off yet, we went and tried a local ice cream place too! We decided that we like our local Olympia place better than Honey Hut!

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