Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quiet, just for a moment.

Robert is at a golf tournament, so today is just another day for the kids and I.
Hannah is napping.
Kids are playing in the sunroom and not fighting...yet.
I am sitting, drinking my Teeccino. Ah.

It is a nice short respite before crunch time. Tomorrow, will of course be full of Daddy love. It must be, since we have the best Daddy around. He is a pretty good design!
Monday, I go into panic mode probably. We will be 7 days out from flying to Texas. Wednesday night is small group. Thursday night I have a Young Living seminar. Friday early, we drop the kids off at the Lohnes house and head to Columbus for the CHEO Home School Conference. Get back late Saturday night. Sunday is church and last minute laundry and packing. Monday morning we FLY AWAY!!!! Man, I hope it all runs as smoothly in real life as it has in my head!

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