Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a glorious weekend. God warmed us up some....maybe just so I'd quit whining. The weather has been just beautiful.
Friday afternoon, I got a call from a girl in our raw milk group saying she had to work unexpectedly on Saturday and could we switch drives with her. This worked out perfect because we were scheduled to drive the weekend of CHEO, the Christian Homeschool Conference here. Robert, Hannah and I will be going down to Columbus for it and maybe even leaving the big kids over night with our pastor's family. We haven't decided yet.
So, Saturday we got up and headed back to Amish country. It is just so beautiful down there. I didn't get any pics really this time. I really wanted to get a picture of them plowing with the teams of horses but most of the plowing is done. I really am careful of what pictures I shoot down there. I want to respect their beliefs about no photos, although most of them are ok with photos from the back. We got to the Stutzman's farm while they were having lunch. So, we just hung out. The kids played on their big swing, I'll have to snap a picture of it one day. Ada said that her kids could hardly finish their lunch knowing that their were kids outside to come play with, lol. We hung around on the farm for a little while. Helped feed their calves and new kittens. Robert and the kids got to see the baby chicks and turkeys in the hot house. We really enjoy our time there adn with their family. We brought them a jar of pickled okra. They had never heard of okra and it isn't the easiest thing to describe to I learned when I was in Australia. After about an hour on the farm, we headed to Mrs Yoder's Kitchen for lunch...always a treat!! It was a nice family day. We got home and Robert and his helpers worked on the water softener that's been struggling lately. Hopefully it is fixed hair is ratty with hard water!

Today was church. Our pastor had a seizure this morning, please pray for his recovery. He says they are very painful. His daughter told me he won't remember anything from today at all when he recovers.

This week we are trying some new things. Joshua desperately needs to burn more energy, as he's getting into more and more trouble lately. So, I'm going to try and do a morning walk around the block while our oatmeal cools and before hannah's nap. I also get mother's helpers starting this week!!!

The summer gets busy from here on least the weekends. Next weekend, we will be going to paint on my friend Bonnie's house again. Trying to get that done before her baby arrives. The next weekend, Robert has a golf tournament with work...should be interesting since he hasn't swung a club in a few years now. The next weekend is CHEO and then the next monday the kids and I fly to TEXAS!!!!!

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