Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Had a much better week this week. We did a walk before breakfast in the morning and one after naps in the afternoon. I also tried to spend more one on one time with him each day. I don't know that either of those things helped much, but we all enjoyed them. He LOVES school. He has done 2/3 of a kindergarten workbook in 2 weeks. I'm really impressed that his writing is coming along as well as it is since I've always heard that boys writing usually develops later. He struggles writing S, it's a toughy. Now I need to decide whether to buy K or 1st curriculum for him for real school next year....

Leah- Leah's having a hard time right now too. She has started throwing temper tantrums for the first time ever and has been really whiney. I think she's not getting enough sleep. I"m very cranky when I'm tired, and honestly wish I could throw a tantrum some days lol, and since she's a mini-me then it makes since. She and Joshua have to share a room here and he keeps her awake then wakes her up early and she just can't hang. I've moved Joshua to the room downstairs for naps and that has helped some. We are considering moving him down full time, but we've never been on separate floors from our kids before and are a little iffy about that. Otherwise, she's her usual spunky self. Her favorite thing right now is to snuggle with Daddy. Every morning she tells me "When Daddy gets home, I'm going to snuggle with him all day and all night". That is also the first thing out of her mouth on Saturday morning.

Hannah- Is getting big big big. She scooting and rolling all over the place and does not appreciate the walls in this house always getting in her way! She's been a little more feisty, now that she knows this freedom of self movement. But she also is still happiest sitting in Mommies lap, thumb in her mouth playing with my hair.

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