Monday, June 22, 2009

My kids are just dumb. That is the only explanation for them this morning. We put our pool up this weekend. They love love love the water and had so much fun playing in it. Of course, Joshua HAD to try to run and jump up and catch the football while falling into the pool, like the big boys did at the Lohnes' Memorial day party.

Well, I went to put Hannah down for nap this morning. Before going out, I told each of the kids, together and separately, that they were not to go anywhere close to the pool if I am not outside. They cannot touch the water or get even close to look at the water. They both very plainly understood. I told them that if they did, I would empty the pool and put it away. There would be no swimming.

The pool is now draining. I had really hoped that their love of swimming would override their constant desire to test my authority.....sigh. I really liked them playing in the pool...

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