Monday, June 15, 2009

Random notes-

-Leah asked me this week to make her a turkey and hamster sandwich! LOL!!! I still can't convince her that ham is not hamster! She cracks me up!
-We are getting our summer colds out of the way before vacation!
-TWO WEEKS UNTIL TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Please pray for our pastor. He left church yesterday with seizures again.
-My husband rocks! He took us to Buca di Peppo for dinner last night and then ice cream. Then when we came home he took the kids all outside so I could veg on the computer!
-I think we are going to stay over night for the home school conference. Hannah will be with us, but the big kids will stay with the Lohnes. Should be fun...and I'm nervous.
-I need some more reading time. I have the weirdest assortment of reading material right now. I'm reading the bible in 90 days. Then I have, A Year of Eating Dangerously, Raising Whole Wheat Kids in a White Bread World, The Strong Willed Child and Canon XTI Owners Manual. I'd like to finish them all before we leave onour trip.
-We just signed up for weekly produce delivery from So excited. I've been ordering small orders the last few weeks and it is soo yummy. It is all local and picked within the last 48 hours before delivery. AWESOME! And of course organic or beyond. We will be getting 30 pounds of produce and 2 dozen fresh eggs, every week. Yummy Yummy. And that reminds me that I need to go get my greens started for dinner....which means I need to wash dishes first!

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