Wednesday, March 17, 2010

5 Day Cleanse- Day 2

Day 2 is supposed to be a hard day if you are heavy detoxing, and I am guessing that I am, I know I need to be heavy detoxing. My attitude right now is this if for the birds. I didn't realize how much clean up eating I do. If there is a little something leftover or just a small bag of cookies or something on the counter, I'll pop it in my mouth. I've been dieing to finish off a last piece of corn bread on the counter. Yesterday, I was a bit hungry but pretty good. Last night I had a craving for chocolate so bad I would have armed wrestled a gorilla for some. Today my cravings weren't as bad, I'm just hungry right before time for my next round of stuff, and I'm achy in my joints, and start to get a headache until I guzzle a glass of water, I'm pretty fatigued today and just generally blah. All sounds like signs of detox, but I was hoping for more exiting proof than body response proof, if you know what I mean. The detox poops thus far have not shown up.

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