Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 5 of my cleanse was yucky. I started the day off hungry and sad not to share a yummy family breakfast on a lazy Saturday at home. Since it was the last day, I really had no motivation to find the good. We ran errands and so I missed my morning snack and things went down hill from there. We headed to the mall about 5pm to find shirts for the boys for some spring pictures in DC in a few weeks and I started feeling AWFUL. Light headed and dizzy, lots of "I NEED SOME FOOD" signs. So, I told Robert I had to eat. He said he thought it wasn't really a big cleanse so eat whatever I wanted.....BAD IDEA. Lets say that I am well aquainted with the mall restrooms now. I got home and put tons of oils on and took some internally and started feeling much better. My sweetie and I snuggled up and I snacked on some cantalope....MUCH BETTER CHOICE and all was right with the world again. It was a pretty good movie too. No Greater Love, check it out if you are the movie viewing type.

Today was a low key, everybody gets to eat kinda day. We had a nice time at church and then went to Golden Corral. We always get comments about how well our kids eat, but especially there because we all eat a LARGE salad before anything else. Everyone oohs and aahs that our kids don't complain about salad. I think that is sad....that our  kids are so exceptional to eat salad or to eat what we give them without complaint.....ok, these people don't see all of the work that goes on at home, but anyway.

You know something else I get in public ALL THE TIME. I mean EVERY time I go out, especially without Robert. Something along these lines...
THREE, my, you are brave.
Are you crazy?
I don't know how you do it?
I'd never do something like that.
and so on and so forth, honestly, it happens so often that I am just mad about it. Seriously people. I have THREE kids. That is barely replacing my husband and myself in the world. Three. Please. And to be honest, it isn't that hard most days. Yes, it takes effort, but guess what, so does getting out of bed period. I think our standards and views are so stinkin warped, and I am sooooo sick of it. Really, get over yourselves for a bit, ok. Oh, and keep your judgemental nose out of my personal fertility,  k? (ok, I feel better now) I usually smile my nicest smile and say something like.
Better to have my hands full than empty.
They are a blessing.
It sure is fun.
Every once in a while, I'll be blessed by an older couple. Usually, the man says something like "we had little stair steps just like that" or "God bless you. Aren't they great?" with a big smile on his face. Thank the Lord for those little bits of encouragement. There certainly isn't alot of it around lately.

I just finished reading The Pacific. Deep stuff. I wonder if our boys in the military today are the class act that they were in WWII, I doubt it. I wonder how we can instill the same love of God and country in our sons. We will start with a study of the constitution soon, since it might not be around much longer....afterall, we live in a socialist country now. Sigh.


Terri Bonin said...

Hey! I didn't realize you had a blog!! Great! And good for you for cleansing!! You keep going! You go girl!

Shona Cole said...

good job on the cleansing. I have been doing something similar, feeling so good. only 2 lbs left before my pre-baby weight! yeah.

you know, I don't get that comment as much now for some reason.... perhaps Texas is more forward in that regards. I used to get it more when I had less kids! I wonder if it cause they are older now and it doesn't seem like so much movement...

thanks for the blog visits my friend :)

Christi L. said...

Terri- I've had this thing for a while now, I don't know that it is worth the time to read regularly, especially when I get on my soap box of some sort, but I do enjoy writing it.

Thanks Shona- I'm so proud of you. Your book is still stunning me in its beauty, and I'm so happy about your growth over at your blog!

Donna said...

Hi Christi! I'm impressed that you are on a cleanse...glad it's not me-Ha! I'm trying to be good on the road though..lots of fruit and veges and tea rather than coffee.

I like your post about family size. People used to count when we all started climbing out of the car and the look on their face when pregnant me climbed out was funny. 15 years ago, we were considered weirdos..but I think Shona's's better in Texas.
Thanks for visiting!