Saturday, March 13, 2010

In case you were wondering......
Yes I am still keeping and have kept my new years resolution to change. I haven't missed a single day, although my most awesomest husband in the world has helped a few nights and I have been up at midnight doing dishes a few, I have gone to bed every single night this year with a sink with NO DIRTY DISHES IN IT!!! Ah huh! That's right! Who's bad!!! Oh yeah! That's me!!!!

yup yup yup

(non family readers might not get the full intent in this little drivvle)
To my beloved Grandpa Kelly (yes, you know I love you even if I don't ever call and return your HYlarious voice mails) and all other Texas family members and those who call themselves family members and ESPECIALLY those who live like family members and wish they really were family members and also to those that pretend they are family members but aren't really and to those that we all assume are family members and have long forgotten that they aren't really,
I realize that ya'll call me "The General" and for good reason. I can be pretty powerful/bossy/demanding/orgazationally brilliant/pushy/loud/bossy at times....only when needed, of course, like when the outhouse gets blown over and no one has picked it up and put it back in use and other such emergency situations. I also do realize and openly acknowledge that Sweetie has brought me and our beautiful children up to the land of snow and ice to live and shiver, far far from you. And I also do hereby acknowledge our fond and frequent memories of our beloved family and state afar to the south and our intense jealousy of fabulous weather in afore mentioned state.

HOWEVER, I want to clear up the misunderstanding/misconception/misinterpretation/delusion/authority misplaced...etc etc etc et al, of the recent weather events in said beloved state. Even in my blusteriest state, I cannot nor would I subject my beloved familial persons to snow....and especially not multiple times in one year. Really! I declare, I DO NOT know why anyone would ever think I'd send snow to Texas! It wasn't me!

The General

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