Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hannah officially weaned this weekend.....ok, with a little nudge from Mama. She's doing really well. I sat down in our rocker this morning. She stopped and looked at me for a while then very quietly said, "night night?" I said, "all done night night, your a big girl" So she walked over with big arms in the air to be picked up and said " snug snug" in a sad little mourning voice. So sweet.

That means that for the first time since Dec 2003, I am neither pregnant or nursing or both. WHO HOO! I know that this might not be a very long norm here so, I wanted to get down to business on my health. I immediately cut out meat. Today I started Young Living's 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. By cleansing standards, it is not very hard since I love the products, but my body would go into major shock if I jumped into a big dramatic cleanse right now. My liver and gall bladder are as bad as ever. I have a feeling my thyroid is not doing well either since I've been packing on weight the last few months. I need to get my Iodoral going in my supplement regimen regularly again...I've backed off of it over the last six months or so.

Then, last week, I had a gout attack. I feel like a 80 year old woman. Thankfully I figured out what was going on pretty quickly. I put some oils on my foot to help with the intense pain but it didn't cut much off, which I found unusual until I realized it was gout and not muscle pain. So, I looked up a homeopathic remedy and pushed it thru pretty heavily. Within 6 hours I could bend my toe again and by that night the pain was gone. Praise God! I'm so grateful that He has given us herbs from His creation to heal us.

Doesn't that all sound like fun??


Karen Deborah said...

WOW you photoed up! your family is lovely! girl with a health report like that you sound ready for the nursing home! GOOD NIGHT NURSE!

regarding your comments, trash trees are lovely, Mimosa's i used to have one. People who freak about leaves, seed pods, and falling dead flowers don't like them because they are always dropping something.
Most of the weeds I pull either travel and propegate until I am over run with them or they make stickers or thorns. Lots of "weeds" are actually medicinal plants.

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

Do you like fresh cherries? They are really good for gout. That's Mickey's favorite gout remedy. ;)

I need to looking into the YL Detox too. I have managed to maintain my weight which is a plus, but I'd like to get my body back into shape.

Weaning is bittersweet, isn't it? Sounds like Hannah is being a champ though. Such a sweet girl!

Christi L. said...

Karen- Ok, I totally agree with you about the thorny/stickery ones...WEEDS! And thanks about my family. It is a lovely life to walk with the Lord in my steps.

Kel-I do like cherries but finding them in snowy weather is impossible. Member, I don't live down dere no mo. ;-)
You should get some YL Essentialzyme for Mickey. That is what Debra put me on. I used homeopathic Ledum and that cleared it up right away but I know that didn't fix the problem. Debra said that is your body not digesting protein, the essentialzyme is digestive enzymes to help that. Our diets are killing us, but man it is so tasty. I gotta get over that. My body just isn't gonna hold up otherwise.

Weaning. I'm sooo excited to be DONE, but yes, still sad, mainly for Hannah. Poor thing hasn't known anything other than milkyland and now I've snatched it away.

Kelly @ Follow Faithfully said...

I got my YL starter kit yesterday and I was positively geeking out reading through the catalog.

I'll have to keep the Essentialzyme in mind. Fortunately, Mickey hasn't had a gout flare in a long time.

I was just telling Mickey recently that I wish I could view food ONLY as fuel for the body. I wish I didn't enjoy it so much. Seriously. Ugh.