Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Since I ranted in my last post about people commenting on our familiy size, I thought I would share a great article from Above Rubies magazine this issue. By the way, their magazine is FREE, so if you like that article, you should get their magazine, it is a breath of fresh air for today's women!

In the newest issue of their magazine, their is an article about family trees. There are pictures that say alot more than I ever could on the issue of children. You can see the whole article at

First is a picture of what we pray our family tree could end up looking like.

This is what our family tree could look like if we only had 4 children.

This is what the family tree of most American families will end up looking like unless the trends change.

Any questions?

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Terri Bonin said...

What a great visual aid!! Thank you for posting it!!