Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Kid Update

I haven't done this in a while, so let me jog my tired little brain and see what I can remember write about.

Joshua- His reading abilities astonished me this week. We do lots of school throughout each day and thru the week, but I haven't been sitting down and having him read to me alot lately. I had checked out some level 1 readers for him from the library and have noticed him grabbing random books and reading them to himself alot lately. So just to check in the other day, I asked him to read me a page from the book he was currently reading. I was amazed. He flew right thru the page, no problems. This isn't some basic Dick and Jane kind of book either. I was just so impressed and excited for him. I love love love books and I hope to pass that onto my children. Seems the bug might be biting baby #1. (Smith family, thank you for Tombo's book. That was the one he was reading!)

Leah- Leah leah leah. She's a challenge right now. She decided this week that she wanted to play the picky eater card again and see how it went. We don't do picky eaters in our house. We have a rule that we are all to be grateful for what the Lord has provided to nourish us, whether we care for the food or not. So Tuesday morning she got to eat her food from Monday night she didn't want. Then, Thursday night she decided to give it a go again. She skipped eating it at breakfast and lunch today. After nap time, her plate was mysteriously missing. She got up and threw it in the trash. So, you better believe that I picked it and the food up and put it right back on the table.* She finally ate it about 45 minutes before dinner time. You'll never guess what the VILE, AWFUL, NO GOOD, NASTY offending foods were! Grassfed, organic steaks off the grill, creamed spinach with lots of fresh garlic, and mashed potatoes. Serious!

Hannah- A little toot to be sure, but she is too stinkin cute for me to crack down on her and train her any better right now. You just CANNOT get past those big blue eyes! So, here are some Hannahease for you, because with this one, you need it!
Juice really means water.
Milk really means a juice of any sort.
Actual milk is not spoken of because she doesn't understand why anyone would drink that nasty stuff, lol.
This means I want what you have or anything within a 5 block radius and you better figure out what it is on your own because I'm giving you no other clues.
If This repeated over and over doesn't work, she will give you a "please" a few times and then right before she loses patients with your failure to comply she will say "good girl".

Pictures soon. hopefully this weekend!

*I did make sure that the food wasn't laying on any rotten salmonella laiden food, but I can't promise I wouldn't have given it to her either way.

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Donna said...

Too funny Christi! I love your stories! Isn't it so sweet when your kids learn to read. I know I was just in awe.