Friday, March 19, 2010

5 Day Cleanse- Day 4

As advertised, today was much easier until I made dinner. This morning was great, I even skipped my morning snack option. I won't say I felt like a million bucks, but I did feel good. Wasn't hungry or crampy or achy or had food cravings and hunger. I did get hungry towards dinner but I think that was from skipping the morning snack and eating the wrong afternoon snack, a fruit instead of the almonds, (must touch up chart reading skills before teaching Joshua). Then, I made the tortilla soup for small group tonight. It smelled sooo good, I wanted a big old bowl full. Then I fed Hannah and had to stop myself from popping chips into my mouth as I fed her, a bad habit of mine that needs to be broken. Somehow, I survived the soup, it even tried to lure me away while I was putting it away. I'm eating my apple like a good girl. Tomorrow is the last day and I'm glad. I want to eat, but I am glad I did this.

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