Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Kid Update

Joshua- Can't stand for me to do the dishes. Seriously, it cracks me up. If I put away the silverware, guaranteed the next time he is in that drawer, he will be straightening every single piece. LOL! I LOVE IT! The other day he asked me to please not put away the silverware, he would do it so he didn't have to fix it later. Music to my ears!!! I, of course, told him that things can't always be his way and it is ok for things not to be perfect sometimes, but I'd let him fix them, this time. ;-) He has also fallen in love with Linking Logs.

Leah- Is becoming a little Mommy. She's beginning to build the beginning of her best lifetime friendship. Hannah fell down and bonked the other day.....nothing was hurt but her pride but she wanted me to snug snug with her. I was in an intense part of dinner and couldn't. Leah stood up from her toys across the room and held her arms out and said "Toots, snug snug?" Hannah ran over and snug snugged with her big sister and I melted into a puddle on the kitchen floor. Since then, Leah looks for chances to love and bond with her sister. They happily walk around the house together looking for babies or grocery carts or tutus or whatever, Leah is so sweet to her. They will be bestfriends for life.

Hannah- is finally growing. She is a chunky monkey right now. She's still very short but lately when I carry her on my hip, there is something there to hold. It is nice. She's been so petite and dainty all this time and it has just been weird to me since J and L were ummmm, not. Physically Hannah is really small, but Robert and I were just talking that mentally and independently she is so far ahead of where Joshua and Leah were. She isn't as verbally advanced as Joshua was but I think she is smarter. Or maybe it is just that she's baby #3 and so she thinks she is 3 or 5 years old already.

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Donna said...

Christi...what sweet updates! I so miss the sweetness of the little ones! How funny that Joshua is a little neat nick! Andrew was similar. He wouldn't go out to play unless his little t-shirt was 'tucked in'. I sort of wandered what planet that child had come from!