Monday, August 11, 2008

Have I mentioned that I LOVE the olympics!!!! For anyone that didn't stay up to see the mens 4x100 relay last night, you missed THE BEST RACE!!! IT was awesome!!! Of course, the fact that the French were doing so much smack talk before the race and then we came back and caught them at the wall, made it even better! I need toothpicks for my eyes from staying up late every night, but we just can't turn it off. Robert and I are addicts. We'll just catch up on sleep when the baby gets here, right? LOL!

Church #7 has us pretty optimistic. They are non denominational but are reformed. They call their worship, "intergenerational worship"....the pastor told Robert that they are moving towards family integrated. He actually just became reformed about three years ago, and he said it has been like turning the Titanic since with his church body, but they are getting there. They had a Worship in the Woods service yesterday. Basically, a GCC picnic, but they do worhsip at the park as well. So, you hear and smell the burgers cookin during service. It was fun! We will be going back next week! YEA! Oh, and they are about half homeschoolers! Robert and I were laughing about how we just seem to be able to find homeschoolers here. There aren't that many, but every church we've visited, that people actually talked to us, there have been homeschoolers.

Oh, and it was cold here yesterday. Thankfully we had checked the weather. I dressed the kids in long pants and shirts and brough jackets for them, thank goodness! Robert was in khakis and a long sleeve shirt and was cold the whole time. I wasn't but I have a built in potty bellied stove, as my neighbor so plainly pointed out one day, lol!

Today, I go meet a new midwife that delivers in the crunchier of teh hospitals up here. Hopefully she will take me, and I can get back to real prenatal care. I feel sorry for women that see OB's. They give you no care at all. It is sad! Try a midwife, you'll never go back!

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