Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I just spent all morning going thru the crockpot website I linked to the other day. I have a list of to tries ready to go. That way, when I am meal planning each week, I can just list which ones to do, then Robert and/or Sarah (I'm guessing this will end up being a joint venture between the two of them) can pull up the website, cruise to that date and get the ingredients for the shopping list. Easy. I have my first recipe from there in the crock for tonight, since we have an OB appt this afternoon and then our Doula, Angie, will be over tonight. Although, it is kind of cheating since it is only Taco Soup, and I could make that without a recipe, and I don't think I really followed her recipe anyway, but she was my inspiration. Dinner has been completely prepared, on my part at least, since 10 AM! WHO HOO! And the kids loved getting to help dump everything in the pot, bonus points! In case you missed it, go check out her blog. She made a resolution to cook in her crockpot every day this year. Some good stuff over there. I think I am going to do some ribs next. I think it has been since 2002 since I"ve made ribs for us.

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