Monday, August 25, 2008

Random thoughts....cause let's face it, that is about all I have right now.
-Did you know we are going to have a baby? Just hit me on Saturday. This pregnancy has been such a rollercoaster in and of itself, it hadn't really hit me we will have a new baby soon. Cool.
-Did some last minute shopping for said baby on Saturday, hence the reason that I realized we were having a baby. Now we really do have to get these honey do's done. My house is not clean enough to labor in, much less have a new baby in.
-Olympics are over, YEA!!! We can finally get back to life around here, which will include above mentioned lists tackling and SLEEP! Praise God!
-We enjoyed the Olympics, but there were a few nights that were just down right boring. I mean really, whose idea was it to broadcast the marathons in their entirety...on prime time??????????? And I didn't feel like there was near enough coverage of the offbeat events. I like to see sports I've never heard of or know anything about. Keeps life interesting....
-Did anyone else notice how annoying the track and field people were. Really, they are already so full of themselves, why do they even need to be at the Olympics. I could have done without alot of them, even though I enjoyed watching some of the events. You just didn't see that in the other sports, for the most part.
-Ever feel like you are talking to yourself???? Well, that is how this blog feels right now. Just sayin.
-Check out this website. It has TONS of crockpot recipes, and reviews of how well they turn out. I am gearing up to get this going as our survival method for the next 6 months or so. Even Robert can open cans and dump them in.
-Should start getting our raw milk this Saturday!!!! YEA!!!
-36ish weeks pg+ Pizza Hut Supreme Pizza = Really Bad Heartburn...note to self
-Joshua and Leah talk about Sarah getting here constantly. Every time they see a plane, they say, Sarah's plane....but now it has also become, Sarah's plane, then Mrs Velarde's plane, then Mr Velarde's plane, etc. Sounds good to me! And every time we pass the airport, which is pretty frequent, they ask if we are going to pick up Sarah. Apparently, in their world, Sarah is patiently sitting at the airport waiting for us to decide to get her. Poor Sarah! I bet she needs a shower by now. lol!

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