Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ob went as well as you could hope. Not perfect, but good. I think if we can just hold him off til about a week after my due date, then we are good. The closer we get to the due date, the worse he'll be.....however, we discussed alot of other issues and he was fine with whatever we want. Honestly, he and I both know that I"m not going to the hospital until the last possible moment and so most things are a moot point....he even said as much. So, I would say we are on the same page, but maybe not the exact same book mark. We have an "understanding", ;-). We are grateful to have him. Even he mentioned that just 4 years ago, he would have gotten filed on for not making a women try to VBAC. Crazies! We do feel quite blessed because God has answered our prayer for an OB that really could care less what we do.

And on a brighter note, here are some cute kiddo pics.

Leah playing the drums.

Robert and Kids "Searching"

Big Searching Find....Cicada Shell displayed on Leah's shirt

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