Monday, August 11, 2008

Joshua the cute boy

Had to post this before I forget.... Joshua is sooo cute. He is nesting for this baby. It cracks me up. He and Leah will be playing in the play room or one of their rooms, and he'll just stop out of the blue and say "Ok Leah, we have to clean this all up. We want to have a terrific surprise for the baby when she gets here. Won't that be a great surprise to have everything cleaned up."

Cracks me up every time.....and makes me wonder how I can harness this for the rest of his life. ;-) Let's just say that he is a little excited for this baby to get here. He got to feel Pod move the other day, and I think that really got him going. He still pretty much insists that this is a girl. Leah insists that it is a boy and its name is Bubba....we try to explain that she already has a Bubba and this one will have to at least be Baby Bubba, but she says no, "Bubba".

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auntpinto said...

Im loving that he is nesting...too funny and sweat....what a great big bubba!!!