Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last night, I got to go to a raw milk coop meeting. YEA! It was almost in Akron, which is just a tad farther than Cleveland for us. Akron is much prettier than Cleveland....kind of like The Woodlands compared to Houston. Anyway, I'm really excited. It will come out to about $4.60/gallon for raw milk here, as opposed to the $8/gallon we were paying in Texas. It is a herd share program, so we don't "buy" the milk, we pay boarding fees for our cow, lol! I can't wait for our first time to go do pick up because it is an Amish farmer. We will be on a 12 week rotation to go pick up the milk at the farm, very doable. We can also get organic beef, chicken, lamb, eggs and grains from them. Fun stuff!

Joshua's favorite thing right now is to go "searching" with Daddy after dinner. The three of them head off around our house and our neighbors gardens, searching. They find all kinds of fun stuff, like empty robins eggs, baby robin chicks, frogs, crickets, cycadas, bird feathers etc etc etc. They can't wait to come tell me what they find. So, we can knock off about an hour and half of the required 900 hours of schooling for the year every evening on science and math studies! Hmmm, now that I think about it, I can probably knock off another hour on Joshua's oral report! This homeschooling stuff is easy. lol!

Speaking of homeschooling, Joshua is doing quite well with his reading skills. I wouldn't say he is reading yet, but he does sound words out with us. It is pretty cool stuff.

My other big goal before Pod arrives was to have Leah potty trained......I decided it would be easier to keep her in diapers. :-)


Shannon R said...

I'm smiling all the way through your post! I am getting milk for $6 a gal. I'll e-mail privately & tell you how. Cracking up on the potty training! E is up once at night & eating fun foods from Jubilee Organics. Yes, I went back (go ahead, laugh at me) We all miss you so much. A week does not pass w/out you guys coming up in prayer or in conversation! MO closed and now I'm concerned. Whole Foods is not a weekly option!! $$$ love you!! --now off to read your past posts!

Christi L. said...

One thing we are really loving here is that organics are so much cheaper in general....actually, we are finding life cheaper. We are going to save over $1500/year on just our insurances...isn't that crazy? I heard about MO. That stinks. I'm sure Kim will come up with something. She's pretty motivated to save money!