Monday, August 4, 2008

Today I scored a HUGE lot of girls 3t winter clothes. Leah is definitly set for pants for the winter, also got two really nice coats. Just focusing on shirts and jackets for her now. WHO HOO! I love Craigslist! Still watching for Joshua, but sadly, I think he is to the age where things don't last to pass on, but I'm determined to try and find as much for him resale as possible. There is a children's resale shop here that I haven't hit up yet, I was waiting for winter stuff to start coming out. Today, I heard that high school marching band beginning practice, so everyone should be gearing up for school soon, which means winter clothes! YEA!

We also got our webcam in and set up today. So, if anyone wants to chat on Skype, we'd love to have some interaction!! It is free.


nicole (nicmowat) said...

we both have skype...and as soon as my laptop is fixed, my webcam should be working

Christi L. said...

We tried searching for ya'll but neither of you came up. Email me your skype name. We are lachpach.