Thursday, August 7, 2008

I don't know what the people that lived here before us did????!?!?! I know they had to of locked their dogs up in certain places, the tail tail signs of massive amounts of scratches and filth on the walls kind of gives it away. BUT, they must also have never washed theirs or theirs childrens hands AND walked rubbing down the walls constantly. I've never seen walls so dirty! I could give grace for the kitchen/dining room area. Maybe the baby just threw alot of food, but it is everywhere. The walls are just nasty. I started scrubbing them today, but it will be a long process since I have to stop when I get crampy and contractiony. But hey, it keeps me distracted from all of our junk that needs to be picked up and put away!

For anyone interested, Dr Phil is asking for opinions on homebirth. I'd love for the show to actually accurately portray the issues.

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