Sunday, August 31, 2008

We visited church #8 this morning. What happened to church #7 you ask? Well, it was ok and still is a possibility maybe, but it is over a 30 minute drive away and I am over 37 weeks pregnant....they don't mix so well right now. By the time we would get to service, then stay and "meet" everyone afterwards, get to somewhere to have lunch, wait for the Sunday crowds and make it home, it is almost 3 and I'm just not up to that. It would be different at Grace because it is home and my family would grab my kids the minute I came in the door and I could just relax and worship, not so up here, yet. So anyway, back to church #8. It is the church our doula goes to, and more importantly it is close. We quickly checked out the website and didn't see anything too alarming...somethings that told us for sure it wouldn't be our home church, but fine to visit. Ummmm, they didn't mention that they are very very very charistmatic!!! The music was rockin and that was nice for a change. Joshua and Leah were a bit confused by all of the dancing and such, thankfully we are back row joe's right now, so they coudln't see all of the dancin going on. The prophetic utterances and healings were a little much for us, but hey they prayed to turn Gustav away from N.O., so maybe the Lord will listen. Sermon was very fluffy and I think he read the scripture he said he was basing his sermon on, not sure that he ever got there, but he talked about reading it several times. So, all and all, not for us, but it was an entertaining Sunday morning for us. :-)

This afternoon we clean out the truck and rearrange car seats to include Pod's and scrub our bedroom and bathroom....all I'm sure in vain because it'll have to be redone before this kid gets here, but hey, I'm a planner. I'm really uncomfortable these days and my sleep has gotten to the rediculous point...and if one more medical professional asks me how I'm sleeping again, I think I'll tell them I don't have time because I'm training for the next gymnastics olympic trials or some other response that is just as rediculous as their question! I'm having lots of contractions, which is different from Joshua and maybe that means my body will get this whole labor & DELIVERY figured out this time. Who knows. Maybe it is just fun torture for me. Ha!

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