Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I haven't talked about politics on here much lately, but it is on my mind alot. You see, this is union Blue country. Everything is rediculously over regulated, especially for a girl coming from Texas-land of the free! Going thru the medical system here is crazy, they assume they own me, my body, my child and anything else they can get their hands on.....AND they think I should be grateful for that. PLEASE! I bring all of this up today because the UberScary Barack Obama will be in our area today. Like, at a college we drove by to go to church on Sunday. Thankfully Robert gave me the warning, so I don't go out and get stuck in the mess. Our neighbors are nice conservatives like ourselves, so we get to sit out on the lawn and talk about the mess this area is in because of the liberal politicians in control....although that will be changing because about half of them came under indictment last week for ALL kinds of gross and illegal behavior. Robert and I registered to vote at the carnival a few weeks ago, but we are going to probably have to reregister. You see it was the Obama campaign signing people up and they asked if we had decided who we would vote for yet, and we said it wouldn't be Obama. We were under the weird delusion that ethically they would still have to register us, but our neighbor last night was saying he wouldn't count on that ever showing up. So, we are going to reregister. I pray that our votes here make a difference!

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