Friday, August 1, 2008

McDonald's was was gross. The playplace was HUGE. The room it was in was the same size as the rest of the restaurant and the play structure was 2 stories high! The other family told us that some of them are three stories. Apparently, that is your only play option in the winter. The kids had a BLAST! I wish I would have taken the camera because Joshua and Leah's faces were priceless. Leah is a DAREDEVIL. She went straight to the top and came flying down the big slide all flipping around and almost landed on her head and loved every second of it. After Leah did it a couple of times, Joshua decided he woudl try it. Eventually it was the two of them constantly running the loop to the big slide. The climb up steps were too big for Leah, so Joshua would climb up one then pull her up and so on all the way to the top. It was too cute. The other families children weren't real interested in playing with J and L but that is ok, they had a ton of fun!

Family was really nice and might be a play group option, but we will still be looking for a church. I asked if they were reformed and the pastor explained that they aren't affliated with a particular group of baptists, I knew then we were in trouble. Robert finally got him around to theology and he was chatting along after Robert asked about predestination and his wife goes....isn't that called Calvinism or something, and he quickly pointed out that they were definitly not Calvinist, in an appalled kind of way. Little did he know that he had two very Calvinistic people sitting listening, it was kind of funny. We talked about alot of other things also. Told them alot about Grace, he seemed interested after looking at the website. Robert and I both walked away thinking that church #5 could be a fall back church in the end, but isn't the end of our search at this point. So, today Robert will come home and announce church #6. Who hoo.


Colleen said...

Praying that you find a church soon. God has a church family picked out for you already.

Shannon R said...

Praying #7 is it!?!