Monday, August 18, 2008

We had a nice, uneventful weekend. Saturday we got up and took some oils and other YL stuff to a girl from a message board that I've joined here. She is having really really bad thrush issues, so I took her some oregano, melrose, Life 5 and Inner Defense. Hopefully she's feeling better today. I felt bad for her because she is on medicaid and the prescription that doctor gave her isn't working but she can't get approval to see someone else or even that same one again for three months. And people want us to have state health care???? NO THANK YOU!

We also went to have breakfast at Bob Evans. We have fallen in love with Bob Evans. It is a Cracker Barrel kind of place, but is least started in Ohio, I think they are spread across the country now, but we had never eaten at one til here. We love it. Even Leah can spot a Bob Evans sign when we pass one. After breakfast, we came home and cheered on the Tomec's who are putting up a fence. Robert also got all of the empty boxes moved from the sun room to the atic over the garage....not a small feat! It was a nice, low key day.

Sunday we visited church #7 again, but at their church this time. It is nice and somewhat like minded, so that is the first positive we've found. However, the preaching seems a bit inmature to us. Robert and I both felt that way. I think we will probably visit there some more to get a better feel for things. It hasn't bowled us over like Grace did the first time we visited there, but it is a nice shower in the desert we've been trudging thru. And honestly, we are getting close to the homebound stage of things for us anyway.

On a very very very happy note.....Sarah V is coming to stay with us for a long time to help!!!! You don't konw what relief that is for Robert and I. We both cried when Vince told us that he and Ruth were going to let her come. She's even going to come for a few weeks before the baby. That is soooo awesome, especially since Robert has a business trip and will be gone some of that time. It also means I can actually have some help finishing cleaning this house and I can get Joshua and Leah's closets cleared out and cataloged so I know what we are going to need for winter. That was something I had just assumed wasn't going to get done at all. The kids are sooo excited. Leah keeps walking into the guest room (that my wonderful husband got cleaned out and organised yesterday) and saying "Sarah, nice." Which is Leah-ease for I can't wait for Sarah to get here and see her nice clean room. Joshua seems to think that Sarah will be here tomorrow, no matter how many times I tell him it will be three weeks from now. Of course, with his behavior today, I don't know that he'll make it until she gets here!

I'm doing good. Uncomfortable, but not miserable. Ready not to be pregnant any more, but not really ready to take care of a newborn. I'll be 36 weeks on Wednesday, but some peoples dates, lol. I have an ultrasound tomorrow, then an ICAN meeting on Wed and then an OB appt on Thursday. Please pray for us to have favor with this OB. It seems that no other doors or options are open to us. Thursday will be our big talk on where he sees this birth going, and me asking alot of questions that OB's don't necessarily like asked. I just keep praying for God to give us his favor in this birth and to bless us with a safe vaginal delivery. Who knows? Maybe God's plan is for us to have surgery to have all of our babies, but if it is, I hope he makes that clear, like this baby turns transverse or something indisputable.

I do have to say that I"m pretty lonely right now. I miss my GCC girls. All of you. It never mattered what mood I was in, there was always a perfect ear that I could call at GCC. Although, I still have the phone and can call, it's hard not knowing if I will be interrupting life. There, I was part of your lives, and usually knew what most of you were up to, so I knew when it was ok to call. I have some of the AP girls here, that I could call, but I don't really want to. Like I said, they aren't the same, like minded sisters, bonded in Christ. Robert laughs at me because I hate talking to people at these new churches. I'm just not the fake conversation kind of girl, and so I just don't feel like putting the effort into talking to someone I may never see again. So today, with being lonely and Joshua being on a streak, I'm just blah!

Please also keep our house in Texas in your prayers. We were having 4-5 showings a week, and now we haven't had a single anything since July27th. Don't know what changed, but we've gotten NOTHING. We did lower the price too. Who knows? God has a buyer out there for us, we just think it would be really nice for them to come along soon.

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