Friday, August 15, 2008

Still sooo tired. Wish I could still be a coffee addict. We were up until after 1 last night watching the women's gymnastics all around. I'm so glad that our girls beat the judges, since that was really their only close competition if it had been a level judging event. That little Chinese girl is going to be pretty good when she's actually old enough to compete. It makes me laugh that they say her age has been verified because her passport says her birthday is Jan 1, 1992....ummm, people, this is the Chinese government, they can change whatever they want. All the leaks from the government itself the past few years say she is only 14, HELLO! Anyway, what can the olympic committee do. I certainly don't think an international sports body has any right to question passports, sooo.....

Anyway, we are here. I'm waiting to hear from another midwife...the first one couldn't take me because a new policy at her hospital. You see, freaky, scary people like me are a threat to our world order! How dare we feel we have a right to do what we want with our bodies! I mean, I could walk into that hospital and ask to kill this baby, but HOW DARE I ask to birth it naturally!!!! Just a bit fed up with our over regulated world. I think I'll bust a blood vessel if Mr Socialism Himself gets elected president. He's probably regulate how many children we can have to start with. Grump!

The kids and I went to a park to play yesterday with some online friends. It was fun. Not exactly my crowd, but they were all nice enough. It was girls from the AP Cleveland message board I participate on. It's my link into the world of crunchies up here. It really really really made me miss my girl friends at home though. I'd much rather sit around chatting with Tammy, Rachelle, Ruth, Shannon, Angela and others about organics and our walk with the Lord. Most crunchies in the world aren't CHristian, and that is a much more important part of my life than my crunchiness, but hey it was a great park and we had a good time. And they had some really cute babies. Just a different world view than us.

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